Wolfgang Christian
state-licenced tour guide

Some years ago - thirtysix years to be precise - I decided to move to Vienna in order to study. I came to stay and to very soon find out: Vienna is my town - modern, cosmopolitical, multicultural and millions of stones and bricks tell stories from the past: the Celts, the Romans, Slavic tripes, Babenburgs, Habsburgs, bright times and shockingly dark times. Yet, here every single day the city also tells a different story. A city, this city is a living organism developing further every day thus it cannot be stuck in the past. 

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Some places are a must-see in the city, places Vienna is world famous for: the histiric center, the Ring-Avenue (Ringstrasse), countless churches including St. Stephan's Cathedral and of course Schönbrunn Palace. Not to forget the collections of the Habsburg family: The Fine Arts Museum, the Belvedere Palace homing the Austrian National Gallery, the Austrian Treasure. One more interesting than the other with the oportunity to dick deaper into Austrian history during our Overview-Tours.

Sometimes it's convenient to stroll through a museum and just remain in awe. What though, if one might want to completely change the perpective? Just imagine you remain in front of a painting for thirty minutes dealing with every aspect possible. After this journey into the thoughts of the painter and the history of interpretation you wake up with totally new findings and you realize that an artefact needs the beholder in order to become a piece of art. All that during our Tour of Details.

Some topics throughout history and art are thus captivating - in the best sense and in the worst - they are worth dealing with intensively: the understanding of death, nature, gender, religion(s), numerous political perceptions in different epoches until today. These Topic-Tours lead us into Jewish Vienna, Vienna of the interwar times or Vienna during WW II as well as to the Baroque Understanding of Nature. What about Greek Mythology in Vienna with the help of countless paintings and sculptures?

Some like it easy, some like it more sporty. All tours as mentioned before can be arranged as Bike- or Sagway-Tours. Leading us to more remote areas of the City with one or two refreshment stops. Even a short swim in the New Danube - Vienna's biggest swimming pool - is possible as we ride along the Danube Island and visit one of the modern quarders with its interesting architecture.

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